Know about today’s News, Stock Index and Business Updates on CNBC Roku

CNBC is the Consumer News and Business Channel that is owned by NBCUniversal which in turn is owned by Comcast. CNBC Roku telecasts programs like Mad money, Squawk Box, Fast money, American deed, Squawk Alley etc.

Activating the CNBC channel on the Roku streaming device

  1. Getting an HDMI cable and establishing a connection between your Roku and your TV, switch on the devices.
  2. Setup the Roku device over a wireless network connection and then sign it using your Roku account credentials.
  3. Following the sign up, you’ve to choose the ‘Streaming Channels‘ option and then look for CNBC channel.
  4. When you discover the CNBC Roku channel, select and add it by making use of the ‘Add Channel‘ option. The channel will install onto your ‘Home‘ screen, and you’d be asked to enter your participating provider account credentials. Entering the provider account credentials, you’ll get an activation code.
  5. In the next step, visit the website to key in the CNBC Roku channel activation code. By doing this, you’d be activating the CNBC channel on your Roku device.


cnbc roku

cnbc roku

The skinny bundle packages in which you can watch CNBC

  1. Hulu with Live TV package for $44.99 includes CNBC channel.
  2. YouTube TV package for $40 a month with no storage limit on DVR also has CNBC in it.
  3. PlayStation Vue’s ‘Access’ is the basic package for $44.99 that has the CNBC channel in it.
  4. You’ll get CNBC channel on DirecTV Now’s basic package ‘Live A Little’ that’d cost you $40 a month.
  5. If you opt for Sling TV, CNBC is not available either in the Sling Orange or Sling Blue packages. But you can get the channel by subscribing to the News Extra ‘add on’ package for an additional $5 a month.
  6. Fubo TV’s subscription will cost you $39.99 for the first month and then you’d have to pay $44.99. You’ll get the CNBC channel on this package, ‘Fubo‘, which is also the starting package.
  7. You can watch CNBC on Pluto TV free of cost.

Know the world around you with CNBC News

CNBC news is the best way to know about Business News, financial standings of stocks in the market and commercial operations of other countries. PM May’s Brexit idea may be overthrown as Britain does not have a significant exit deal with the E.U. China temporarily halts the Boeing 737-8 operations until further notice. Watch Roku CNBC Live to know more about these.

Know the CNBC markets and CNBC pre-market activity live

Markets that are sold or shared before the opening hours include the Pre-market activity. Watch how the US Stock Markets compare with the Asian Stock Markets or the shifts in the Global Stock on CNBC. Also, get to know about the daily share holdings and pre-market activity by streaming the CNBC channel on Roku.

What channel is CNBC on DirecTV?

If you have a DirecTV cable subscription, then you can watch the CNBC channel on your Roku player. CNBC channel is Channel 355 on DirecTV, so if you’ve got a DirecTV subscription, then stream  CNBC on Roku today.

Additionally, for more information on CNBC Roku, do visit our website or call our toll-free number +1-813-582-0400.

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