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Network connectivity plays the main role while streaming your favorite movies on Roku device. It is always important to connect the streaming player on a high-speed internet connection to watch high definition videos without facing issues like buffering and more. You can also check out the steps given below to start streaming your favorites.

Wireless configuration on Roku

Find out the simple procedure to hook up your Roku players on a wireless network by following the steps available below.

You should choose the type of network connection in which you want to hook up the Roku streaming player.

  • Click Wired or Wireless and choose your network from the available list of networks. You can just make use of the “Scan again to see all networks” to select the network you prefer and type the password.
  • Now you are all set with the Roku wireless setup, but at times, your connection may fall short due to some issues. In such cases, you can progress with the network setup after some time by following the steps given below.
  • Tap on the Home button using your Roku remote and browse through the options to find Settings menu. Choose “Set up connection” option available under the Network tab and finally, click Wired or Wireless option.
  • Pick the Wireless network from the network list that emerges on the display and tap Scan again to see all networks. Finally, enter the network credentials which is nothing but the password.

Troubleshooting Roku wireless setup

If you have any issues in the Roku wireless setup, just follow the steps given below to connect the device on the network.

   Review the network connection

  • First of all, check the internet connection to make sure you are receiving proper signals.
  • For that, click on the Settings option and Check Connection option under the network menu.
  • This connectivity test consists of two parts where the first part will check the signal quality of your home network and the later part will determine the internet speed.
  • Make use of the onscreen instructions to resolve the poor connection issue that your system will throw right after measuring the signal strength.

   Solution for issues

  • Ensure you choose the correct wireless network name from the network list as it is important to commence the Roku wireless setup with a good start.
  • Once you choose the network, enter the password correctly and make sure your device is online.
  • The router needs to function properly and ensure that there is no unusual actions is witnessed in the device
  • Moreover, you can try restarting the router and streaming player to gain back the lost connections.Read more on where the wireless setup troubleshooting tips are given in precise.

Tips to improve the wireless connection

To watch 4k videos, you definitely need a high-speed internet connection. If your network connection is feeble, you can try the below tips to set things right.

Tips to improve the wireless connection
  • Try to place your television and the Roku device near the router to gain maximum signal strength.
  • If you see any obstacle between your device and router, eliminate the hindrances.
  • You need to purchase a free extension cable if you have issues in connecting the Roku streaming stick.
  • Contact your internet service provider to confirm that there are no issues in internet
  • Get rid of other devices such as desktops, gaming consoles, and smart phone, which you have connected in the same wireless connection to decrease the traffic.
  • Try to replace the router if you face issues even after implementing the tips given above.
  • A new router might receive signal properly while the old modem will have difficulties to cope up with your Roku device’s recent software version.

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