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To get Netflix Roku, just enter your secret code at From recent releases through classics, Netflix offers a large library of movies and TV shows with just one fee. This is also considered as one of the oldest original movie streaming services that provide viewers with some great recommendations based on your WATCH history. You can enjoy these suggestions under the category TOP PICKS FOR…with your name against it. For content that you have watched recently, you can go under BECAUSE YOU WATCHED.

About Netflix on Roku

Netflix’s service tracks your progress through the TV series that you are watching. This means, your frantic search for the next episode ends here. A list of recent viewings is also available so that you can click and watch them instantly. There are several specific categories available on the service as well, such as (to name a few) VIOLENT SUSPENSEFUL ACTION THRILLERS, POPULAR ON FACEBOOK, EMMY-WINNING TV COMEDIES, etc., from a range of genres comprising of Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama and much more. There is a facility where you can edit your watch list from the channel’s website.

Speed Required for watching

If you wish to enjoy Ultra HD quality on Roku, then Netflix places recommended speeds at 25 megabits per second. Otherwise, shows can be watched in HD quality at 5.0 megabits per second, and in SD quality at 3.0 megabits per second. Other suggested speeds are at 1.5 megabits per second and 0.5 megabits per second.

Managing bandwidth and usage

You must get an HD plan to watch Netflix on Roku. Also, configure your video settings to HIGH or AUTO to ensure that titles play in HD. As long as your connection is at 5.0 megabits per second, you will enjoy HD quality. With this, it is also obvious that lower bandwidths invite lower connection speeds. Change the video quality settings to MEDIUM or LOW to manage your bandwidth.

Controlling data usage

Choose between LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH and AUTO to manage your data usage. The LOW service comes at 0.3 GB/ device / hour, while the MEDIUM plays SD at 0.7 GB / device/hour. For good quality HD videos switch over to HIGH that goes up to 3 GB / device/hour. Finest quality Ultra HD can be obtained at 7GB / device/hour. The AUTO function automatically adjusts content to be delivered in high quality, depending upon the internet speed you are working with.

Go to ACCOUNT -> MY PROFILE -> PLAYBACK SETTINGS and to modify current settings. Click on SAVE thereafter. Usually, changes are seen within 8 hours.

Setting up Netflix

Generally, you will find Netflix on Roku under the MOVIES & TV category. To get to the selection, from the HOME screen, go to the CHANNEL STORE. Invariably, you will find the Netflix tile icon on the Roku’s MAIN screen itself.

Afterward, click on ADD CHANNEL -> GO TO CHANNEL

  • You must also be a member of Netflix to avail of services
  • The next screen will display a question ARE YOU A MEMBER OF NETFLIX?
  • Since you have a membership, you can go ahead and click on YES
  • Get the code that appears and type in a field that appears on
  • If you are not a member you can also setup your online membership

Netflix not working on Roku

If the channel does not seem to be working on the Roku, then it could be as a result of a connectivity issue. Check for an Roku error code on the screen. Otherwise, it could also mean a scheduled outage.

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