Connect your Roku Device with Roku Wireless | Roku Wireless Setup

Go wireless with Roku streaming players!!!

Roku is one of the best media content streaming devices which is available to the customer at a very affordable price. Roku runs a customized version of a Linux distribution giving it the extra speed and snappiness while browsing channels and streaming 4k content.The Roku device is powered by a quad-core CPU which enhances and accelerates the performance of the Roku device giving a seamless integration with all TV types allowing the user to have an enhanced experience. Setting up the Roku can be a hassle-free experience. Let us take a step by step approach on how to prepare the Roku wireless setup.

Roku Wireless Setup

Roku Wireless Setup

Get set with the Roku setup requirements

Preparing the Roku for initial setup requires the user to perform certain prerequisite steps. Before beginning make sure that all of the requirements are available.

  • A strong internet connection, either Wi-Fi or Roku Ethernet-based should be available and please note that only some Roku models support Ethernet-based cable connection.
  • The Roku Remote, There are two types of remotes based on the model you have chosen while purchasing the Roku standard IR remote and A Wi-Fi enhanced “point it anywhere” remote. The setup process for pairing the included remote may vary based on the Remote model.
  • A supported television preferably an HD Television with at least two HDMI ports or two sets of composite ports.
  • Batteries for the remote. The batteries could either be AA size or AAA size based on the model purchased.
  • An HDMI cable for interfacing the TV with the Roku Device and composite cable provided that the user wishes to use the composite input to watch the videos on their television. Though utilizing the composite cable is not suitable for best performance, Roku gives an option for the user to choose between an HDMI or a composite input for their television.

Once all of the above-mentioned items are available the Roku setup process can begin.

Roku – Connect To TV

The steps to interfacing the Roku to the TV are fairly simple and straightforward. The following steps will help you to connect the Roku to the TV.

  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the Roku streaming player and another end to the television.
  • Alternatively, if you have chosen to use the composite input instead of the HDMI input port. Connect the composite cable to the respective ports on the Roku Device
  • Similarly, connect the composite cable to the respective ports on the  Roku device.
  • Based on your model, some Roku devices allow the user to utilize a wired internet connection. This is useful in scenarios where the wireless internet is a bit unreliable. If you have a model that supports Roku Ethernet cable connectivity then plug one end of the Ethernet cable to the Roku device. The other end of the Ethernet cable on your home wired/wireless router. The steps for connecting via Wi-Fi are available in the next section of this blog post.
  • Take the power adapter provided in the box and plug one end into the Roku player and the other end into an electric socket on the wall or to a spike-buster.
Roku Wireless Setup

Roku Wireless Setup

Roku Wireless Setup

As mentioned above, the steps for Roku wireless setup are provided below.

  • Power on your Television and choose the appropriate HDMI input or composite input based on the connection chosen.
  • Turn on your Roku Player and wait for the initialization and welcome screen to appear.
  • Once the Roku Home screen is loads, navigate to settings and choose Network using your Roku Remote.
  • Pick the Wireless(Wi-Fi) option and tap on new Wi-Fi connection option to add your Wireless network on Roku streaming player.
  • Select the name of your wireless network from the list of available networks displayed
  • Once you select the SSID of your wireless network, the device prompts you to enter the security password. Proceed to enter your password utilizing the Roku Remote to navigate on the virtual keyboard while typing the password.
  • On successful connectivity, the device will begin to download the latest firmware package and updates from
  • The screen would then display three check marks to show that the setup was successful.

Some Roku models have an Enhanced Wireless remote provided for the user included in the box. The following are the steps to pair the wireless remote to the Roku device for the first time.

  • Unplug the power adapter from the device and re-plug the adapter into the wall after a few seconds.
  • Access the battery compartment of your Roku Remote and press and hold the pairing button on the Roku Remote present inside the battery compartment
  • The remote LED will stop flashing in a few seconds.

Please note that the above steps apply only to models with Roku wireless remote and not for models with the Standard IR remote.


Roku Support

During the setup process, in case you run into a few stumbling blocks along the way, our technical support team has your back. Get in touch with our support team by dropping an email or calling us at the toll-free number +1-813-582-0400. Our dedicated team will call you back immediately to resolve the Roku wireless setup your issue within 24 hours.