Terms & Conditions

By using for or obtaining the services or by accepting this compliance you accept that you have read this agreement and accept the terms as conferred herein. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not accept, use or procure the services.


Gorokuwireless may cancel the Services at any occasion if Gorokuwireless, in its caution, find out that Subscriber’s use of the Services is overdone, conflicting with the scope of the Services, offensive, or unsuitable.


The information, graphics, text, logo, and evidence in this website are the copyrighted work of Gorokuwireless. This World Wide Web site contains information about services and contact details, and the media on which it is managed altogether known as the “Information”, which is made available by Gorokuwireless.

Any symbols or names being used are for review purposes only, and to the advantage of the trademark owner, with no objective of breaching upon that trademark. All other rights are reserved.

Refund Policy

Although our Technical Experts try their best to provide you an anticipated service in all attainable way, but if somehow you feel unfulfilled from our delivered services. If the issue still remains unresolved or out of our scope, you may get the refund within 30 days. No refund will be enthralled after the completion of 30 days.

We apply return rules for disengagement from services. These rules have been advanced to be as fair as possible to you the customer and to Gorokuwireless, to facilitate us to plan programs of the quality, scope, and scale that we like to host and to enable you and all of our customers to have the best understanding possible.

The chargeback rules incorporated by the networks clearly say the cardholder must make effort to resolve the issue with the merchant before filing a chargeback.

If we receive a chargeback from anyone who has not contacted us to express that they are not satisfied and/or request refund, we reserve the right to oppose this chargeback by providing the bank with evidence that we have provided aid, and that we have not had any contact from that person in expressing dissatisfaction, therefore the bank should not grant the chargeback.


We defer the right to change our privacy policy. Please check our website at times for changes so that you are informed of our latest privacy drill. For changes that are substantially less restrictive or defensive of your personal information than the privacy policy in place during collection, we will notify you through an eminent notice in our site before enforcing any such change.

Governing Law

This Lease shall be determined by the laws of The United States of America, without regard to its disagreement of law provisions. The Service Agreement override all other written and oral bid, purchase orders, previous agreements, and other means between Customer and Gorokuwireless regarding the subject matter hereof and authorize the entire agreement between Gorokuwireless and Customer regarding the arrangement of Support Services.


Gorokuwireless may revise this Lease (including everything in Gorokuwireless’s Support Services Policy) at any time by posting an updated version on the Gorokuwireless website. The modified conditions will become active upon posting. By ongoing to access or use our website after those revisions become active, you admit being bound by the revised conditions. If you do not comply with the new conditions, please suspend using the website. It is your authority to check the Gorokuwireless website periodically for alteration to this Agreement.